Core health initiative provides African children in remote villages with quality education.

High School Education

In most countries in Africa, students do not receive a free education. Most children are only able to attend school when their parents can financially afford to send and keep them in Scholarship Recipient school. Poor families experience overwhelming hardships trying to provide for their children’s schooling.

Core health initiative has committed to providing 30 students annually with an education scholarship, which provides for them throughout their secondary school until graduation.

Core health awards scholarships, donate uniforms and school supplies to poor students.

These village students are very smart and eager to learn but many of the current schools have no roofs, no floors and no plumbing. Core health initiative will build schools to help create a healthy learning environment for these students.

Success to date: core health initiative has already graduated the first round of 30 students. These students are hand picked by village members based on their poverty and inability to attend school. At the beginning of a term, 30 students are selected and then funded for the next six years. The first group of 30 students just graduated and the second group will begin their second year of high school this year.

Book Drives

Core health initiative accepts donations of books from school districts, libraries, organizations and individuals for students in Africa who have no books. These books are picked up by core health initiative directorates,  sorted by subjects, inventoried, packed and sent down to various rural areas in Africa.

Book Sorting: core health initiative is committed to and assures book donors that the books shall be strictly for use in school libraries and by instructors, school administrators, and students. Core health initiative employs regular follow-ups to ensure that books are not misused or sold from the school libraries.

An annual interschool competition are always fix to enable core health initiative pick the best of brains and assist them academically

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