Membership is majorly opened to all Health practitioners but also cut across other professions.


Individuals seeking membership should meet the following criteria

  1. Must be a university degree holder or a university medically related student
  2. Must be active in the area of human resources for health or closely related fields
  3. Endorse the core value of Core health initiative international 
  4. Member must be above the age of 18
  5. Individual must officially register and pass through board confirmation before becoming a bonafide member.
  6. Individual must not criminal record. Any proven information after successful registration, the individual stand to lose membership.
  7. Individual should be able to provide free medical assistance as a backup to the core value of core health initiative international.
  8. Individual must have at least 5 attendance to all core health initiative international programs (2 outreaches and 3 general meetings) before confirmed a member.

  Membership Responsibilities

  • Actively initiate and participate in collaborative activities to achieve the aim and objective of core health initiative.
  • Contribute to core health initiative international activities. Contributions can be direct or indirect funding, technical expertise, staff time, and assistance with media and networking.
  • Share knowledge and information on lessons learned, success stories, case studies, program results and policy approaches that will help to accelerate action towards the health workforce and awareness.
  • Monthly personal data update.
  • Promote the work of core health and advocate for breast cancer free world.
  • Participate in core health medical outreaches.

Sign up form

The following info is required

Kindly Provide referee's number,name, address and email address

Membership benefit

 This benefits depend on the level of commitment and office occupied by the member. 

  • Members are provided with web space within the organization public web site to describe their work and activities 
  • Member’s activities will feature in the organization’s annual communication products. 
  •  Advance medical training allowances as the case maybe in breast cancer and public health related matters 
  • An avenue to carry out a breast cancer research and other health related matters.  
  • Access to epidemiological findings as regards the subject matter. 
  • Sponsorship of breast cancer and other health related research as approved by the board. 
  • Members are automatic guest to the organization’s annual dinner night. 
  • Other gift items as approved by the board.

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